Ramp Updates

By Szymon & Przemek

Ramp is the best way to join the decentralised revolution. We bridge your bank and boring government-bucks 💷 to new shiny internet money 🌈

https://ramp.network/ 🚀

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Ramp Updates - Issue #7

Long time no see! Here's what new with us!


Ramp Updates - Issue #6

We're live in the UK! 👯‍♂️👯‍♀️We got quite excited and want to celebrate by... swapping with you! Here are couple of invitations to swap:


Ramp Updates - Issue #5

Hello, wonderful people!First and foremost - hope you had some time to check our app - it's alive and kicking, waiting for your feedback! 🚀


Ramp Updates - Issue #4

How is the new year treating you? We're entering 2019 with the highest of spirits! Our app is completed and we can't wait to see your reaction. You’ll have a chance to try it next week in London👇, but before that let us share some of our optimism and recap ...


Ramp Updates - Issue #3

The last update was in April. Phew, that’s a while ago… Small wonder, seeing as we’ve been working ourselves to the last available cup of coffe completing the team (psst, we are hiring!), building the product and solving PSD2 related legal puzzles.


Supozu Updates - Issue #2

Hey, Whoa! It's been a while since the last time we wrote to you and for a good reason. Things have been very intense! Let us sum it up here.BTW, thank you for being with us. It takes a village to raise a child and it definitely takes an army of friends and...


Updates from Supozu - Issue #1

Hi,This the first issue of our newsletter aimed at keeping our key stakeholders and partners informed and engaged. We will also link to our writings and sometimes to carefully selected articles covering the blockchain space that we found particularly insigh...