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Ramp Updates - Issue #3

The last update was in April. Phew, that’s a while ago… Small wonder, seeing as we’ve been working ou

Ramp Updates

October 2 · Issue #3 · View online
Ramp is the best way to join the decentralised revolution. We bridge your bank and boring government-bucks 💷 to new shiny internet money 🌈 🚀

The last update was in April. Phew, that’s a while ago… Small wonder, seeing as we’ve been working ourselves to the last available cup of coffe completing the team (psst, we are hiring!), building the product and solving PSD2 related legal puzzles.

Long time no see, Ramp’ers!
We’re just gonna let it slip that we’re launching Ramp Swaps - the amazing app allowing for fiat to crypto swaps, P2P, securely and in an instant. It is not the full protocol yet, but an iterative yet foundational step to buidl it.
'Kay, but when?
In a couple of weeks. Let’s keep it secret until then, shall we? If you’re as excited about that as we are, you can sign up here for this very exclusive experience already. Here’s a peek how it will look like.
Bank, meet blockchain. Happy to connect you!
Bank, meet blockchain. Happy to connect you!
Cool, what else?
TL;DR version: we’re growing - with all its pains and gains! Long version below - for the die-hard Ramp fans only 😎
September’s highlight was perhaps the Whacked Blocks Hackathon 🚀 We worked with Nebula and MakerDao on preparing creative challenges for aspiring developers and spent 48+ hours straight (!) helping them come up with the most amazing ideas.
Minutes before they all started hackin'
Minutes before they all started hackin'
This way we had the opportunity to get inspired by the best Ethereum developers in Poland. See this first-hand review of one of our participants. And obviously, sleeping in the office is a bliss 🙌 Jealous you weren’t there? Rightly so! Wipe the tears with these cool shots of teams and judges.
And for now, we have another brilliant individual joining the team already. Maciej, our new frontend magician 💫, will be with us full time in November. Together with Tati, our front-end enchantress, they are transforming into code-poetry the amazing designs that our man Charlie prepared for us last month. All it needs is a copy content from us, some Hocus-Pocus back-end connection and Ramp Swaps can fly the nest!
The last week of September we made a trip to London 🛫 Paulina attended Seedcamp’s marketing summit and her head is now full of ideas on how to make Ramp stand out in the blockchain community 🚀 The rest of the team paid a visit to some of our key partners to get us ready for the launch. We also managed to meet tens of local community members and get sign-ups for Ramp Swaps’ closed beta. Shoutout to the awesome Coinscrum meetup organizers!

That’s it for now. Hope you’re eager for more, cause it’s coming!

Ramp team

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