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Ramp Updates - Issue #5

Hello, wonderful people! First and foremost - hope you had some time to check our app - it's alive a

Ramp Updates

February 15 · Issue #5 · View online
Ramp is the best way to join the decentralised revolution. We bridge your bank and boring government-bucks 💷 to new shiny internet money 🌈 🚀

Hello, wonderful people!
First and foremost - hope you had some time to check our app - it’s alive and kicking, waiting for your feedback! 🚀

What's new?
February’s focus is on polishing Ramp Swaps before our main net release, but navigating through the maze of AML issues ain’t easy. Stay posted for the news - this one is coming really soon. Meanwhile, here’s what we’ve been up to! 👇👇👇
Development, development, development!
Aside from main net release, we’re working on handling NFTs, slashing the gas costs, adding new assets and improving Swaps’s performance throughout different browsers. Track our Twitter accounts for newest scoop on tech challenges!
Artur Kozak
🛠️ My first official contribution towards a better typed world!
⚙️ No more guessing how to use eth-sig-util :)
#beautifulcode #definitelytyped
10:49 AM - 15 Feb 2019
New landing page coming
Our new landing page is nearly done - here’s a sneak peak for you to see how it’s coming together! We’d love your feedback!
Ramp in the UK 🇬🇧
As you probably know, mid-January we headed off to London to showcase our app to UK audience. It was a lot of firsts - first time we opened the beta to the public, held a meet-up in London, ordered foldable chairs online… It was a blast, Ramp’s community is lit! Great talks, great networking, great venue (thanks First Minute Capital). Here are some photos from the event! 💃
Future as we see it
Does onboarding 25 million users into crypto sounds like a challenge to you? Well, we’re on it! Big shout-out to Katy Turner from Multiple who helped us define all our purpose, mission and values in Ramp 🚀
Our second destination was Berlin where we joined AraCon and hosted workshops on providing bank access to DAOs. The problem that we’ve mentioned is that with all of its brilliancy, DAOs are thwarted by their lack of access to fiat payment technologies. And paying bills and receiving transfers matter. We know that and we wanted to show them how Ramp Protocol can change that. Shoutout to all the attendees - full house and great discussion made us feel welcome and needed. Great things to come in the area 🙌
Warsaw TypeScript #2
We closed the month with our second TypeScript meetup - co-hosted with MakerDao under the auspices of Blockchain Hub Warsaw. Every available seating area was taken - we’re already anxious where we will host it next? Follow our Twitter for updates on this one 👈
Warsaw TypeScript
We have full house 🏡 today!
7:02 PM - 6 Feb 2019
Ramp goodies anyone?
Want to say up to date with our progress? Head to our Spectrum chat and join the discussion! Something faster? Our Telegram group awaits!

All the love from Ramp Team 💌
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