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Ramp Updates - Issue #7

Long time no see! Here's what new with us!

Ramp Updates

August 16 · Issue #7 · View online
Ramp is the best way to join the decentralised revolution. We bridge your bank and boring government-bucks 💷 to new shiny internet money 🌈 🚀

Long time no see! Here’s what new with us!

Last time we spoke, we told you about Ramp Swaps - our proof of concept dApp for fiat to crypto atomic swaps. We got lots of love for this one, but also many questions about our next steps. Since then we’ve been silent, but it’s time to spill the beans on our flagship product and shed some light on our future plans.
TL;DR version: we’re launching Ramp Instant, moving to Discord, going to London, Berlin & Osaka, and hiring! And hurray to open banking coming to Australia 🇦🇺!
Hello, Ramp Instant!
Ramp is on a mission to connect the open and the closed. We want to create a meshed, easily accessible connection between the open blockchain financial system and the old, closed banking system, with no need for a trusted third party in between. Here’s the next big step on our journey: Ramp Instant.
This September we’re launching Ramp Instant, an entirely new, beautiful experience of buying crypto with your bank account. It will let users get their crypto directly from within a dApp they want to use - increasing user happiness and decreasing churn. Thanks to banks’ APIs we can offer both decentralisation and security of P2P trading solutions and the UX of centralised on-ramps and exchanges. Want to know more? First, join our Discord. And read further 👇🏻
Breaking it down
If you remember how Ramp Swaps worked, you know that you always had to find a counterparty for your trade. With Ramp Instant this mechanism got replaced by liquidity pools that resemble Uniswap’s model.
We are also very proud to make Ramp Instant embeddable into dApps and wallets. Just use our simple SDK - 7 lines of code and our on-ramp is up and running within your dApp. Ready to set it up? Contact us: 🌈
If you’re curious about the UX, design and how the app feels, just look here!
Ramp Network
Here's a sneak peek of Ramp Instant - our solution for radically better crypto onboarding.
4:18 PM - 15 Jul 2019
We’ve got our hopes high for this one! You will see some of our first integrations very soon, but we still have place for more! If you:
  • are a dApp developer looking for an on-ramp 👷‍♀️👷‍♂️? Contact us!
  • know about a dApp you’d love to see integrated with us 🤝? Contact us!
  • want to sell off some of your crypto in UK 💷 or Eurozone 🇪🇺 💶? Contact us!
Or drop us a line just responding to this email 📨
What's new in the land of open banking?
The hard deadline for all the EU banks to comply with PSD2 is approaching on September, 14th. In the meantime, other regions are getting ready to implement open banking. This month Consumer Data Right law was passed in Australia. If the optimistic scenarios take shape, OB will be available in major banks by July 2020 and we couldn’t be more exicted to see this turn of events. Keeping fingers crossed🤞
Team updates
Our family is growing! In last couple of months we made some great hires: Piotr, biz-dev, ex-banker and a long time back-office manager who helped set up some major polish banks from scratch, Leon, early 0x engineer with extensive know-how in smart contracts and blockchain development and Monika, math grad and office manager!
And we’re still looking for back end developers and marketing experts 🧙‍♂️
Come talk to us!
We’ll be visiting some of blockchain & DeFi top conferences these next few months, so see you during Berlin Blockchain Week 🇩🇪 , DefiSummit in London 🇬🇧 and… DevCon in Osaka! 🇯🇵
If you’re as excited about the news as we are and want to know more, you can reach us on our brand new Discord chat here! We’re also activating our reddit channel, so stay tuned 📻

Warmest of hugs!
Szymon, Przemek & Ramp Team
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