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Updates from Supozu - Issue #1

Hi, This the first issue of our newsletter aimed at keeping our key stakeholders and partners informe

Ramp Updates

January 29 · Issue #1 · View online
Ramp is the best way to join the decentralised revolution. We bridge your bank and boring government-bucks 💷 to new shiny internet money 🌈 🚀


This the first issue of our newsletter aimed at keeping our key stakeholders and partners informed and engaged.
We will also link to our writings and sometimes to carefully selected articles covering the blockchain space that we found particularly insightful.
If you’d like to send us any feedback concerning the newsletter or our work and project, just hit reply. We’ll get back to you ASAP.
Best regards
Szymon & Przemek

What we have acomplished this month:
1. We qualified for one of the best FinTech accelerators: Huge Thing. We got ourselves into an amazingly stimulating environment, where drive mixes with excellence. We also got funded so we are now able to start off with full power. We also got a ~50k USD grant to get the project going.
2. As the accelerator is powered by Alior Bank, one of the biggest banks in Central Europe, we got their permission to use their pioneer PSD2 API sandbox to give our solution a test drive.
3. If it compiles, ship it We are not quite ready for shipping yet, but the Ethereum smart contracts, the backbone of our system, are ready and working!
What we want to accomplish in the coimg weeks
1. Hire first employees for both  business operations and dev positions.
2. Start consultations with the Polish financial authority to have our project screened by their FinTech division before we will apply for the AISP license.
3. Develop first fully functional prototype of the system. This will serve for testing purposes and will not be directly connected with the transacting banks, but through API of our partner,
What do we need, how can you help
We are looking for angel investors from veterans of both financial sector and blockchain space.
We are hiring for both business and dev positions. If you know somebody that would be a great fit for our project, forward this message to her or him  :)
What we wrote this month:
Europe wants to kill banks. This may help crypto (in a surprising way)
Our picks of the month:
Here are the most interesting blockchain stories of the month. W try to break through the buzz and get you real insights about crypto space and decentralized economy.
Doge, a Joke Cryptocurrency Hit $2 Billion - Is This Very Wrong?
Everyone Is Getting Hilariously Rich and You’re Not
The Financialization of Life | P2P Foundation
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